Sling N’ Squash

Sling N’ Squash 2022

Big Chill Surf Cantina is proud to host our 5th Sling N’ Squash Competition on Saturday, November 12th from 1 pm-5 pm! Join us for the most epic pumpkin chunkin’ event you’ve ever seen, all performed by our beasts of strength competitors.

Competitors will have to throw a 15-18lb pumpkin from a 6’x6′ throwing area. Throws will be measured from where they first hit the ground. The top 3 people will go on to the finals where they will compete for the top prize!

Prizes Awarded For Each Division:
1st Place: $500 Cash Prize
2nd Place: $200 Cash Prize
3rd Place: $100 Cash Prize


How to Enter

Pre-registration is required. Must be 21 or older to compete. Registration is $30 per competitor and includes a limited edition t-shirt! $15 from each registration will be donated to the Rehoboth Community Resource Center.

Register Here


The event is free to attend! Watch as contestants battle to see who can sling their squash the farthest. Enjoy beer, cocktails, and live music from DJ Magellan. This is a 21+ age event.

This year’s event will benefit the Rehoboth Community Resource Center. $15 from every competitor registration plus a portion of the sales from the event will be donated. We will also be participating in a canned food drive throughout the week at Cantina and on Saturday at the event.

About the Rehoboth Community Resource Center

The Community Resource Center (CRC), a 501 (c)(3), volunteer-driven organization, was created in 2011 to assist low income individuals and families in times of need. The CRC offers a centralized location where residents in the local community can come when they are facing a crisis. CRC purpose is to:
Assess the needs of individuals and families
Identify and coordinate the use of community resources
Support individuals and families during their time of uncertainty
Provide financial assistance based on need
Create partnerships in the community.

We’d also like to thank our sponsors at Fifer Orchards for donating pumpkins for this event.

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